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Clemate Franklin x Elloparley

“Why do you fight?” It’s a question I wasn’t asked in my youth. I was the child always doing my best to stay under the radar and go with the flow so as not to cause waves. But, over the years, I have learned to “fight”—but not in the “fists in the air” kind of manner. For me, it was a fight to candidly be “me.”

But why was I fighting? Why did I choose to make the metamorphosis from acquiescence to challenger? Honestly? I had never really asked myself that until the fateful day I was honored with interviewing Youngstown’s very own, Clemate Franklin.

Clemate is an esteemed husband, father, boxer & instructor responsible for the notorious 12 Rounds program at Youngstown’s YMCA; the class is a high-intensity, cardio, and boxing infusion wellness class —always beginning with the query to his students: “Why do you fight?” He took his life adversities and successes and went on to implement something unforgettable within the spirits of those who dare to step foot in his gym.

I was there to interview and photograph Mr. Franklin for this Elloparley, yet listening to him speak life and fight into his students was stirring a quiet entity within myself. I just wanted to put my equipment down and join in on the sport. That is the power that Clemate possesses. Be that as it may, Clemate Franklin takes no glory. Read on to find out Who it is exactly, this extraordinary teacher has learned from himself; I asked:

Who does the world see you as & what do you do as you?

“The world sees me as a father, a gentleman, and a fighter.

I'm in the health field and I own 12 Rounds by Clemate Franklin. I help the community get in shape mentally, physically, emotionally—you know—all around the board. I run the class to help the community get fit.”