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Mary Bricker x Elloparley

The wheel of time never ceases to go 'round and, a couple of times a generation, we are blessed with extraordinary beings. Who do you know that is extraordinary? I was fortunate enough to have found one of those gems, here, in the heart of Northeast Ohio—a person whom was never afraid to walk in the shoes that were laid out for her or scale peaks that sought to impede her.

Mary Bricker is a well-traveled individual with an abundance of abiding advice and anecdotes. Ms. Bricker allowed me to sit with her and unfold but a fraction of her cherished reverie. Not only did I learn quite a bit, but I was in awe at her resilience, vigor, and splendour.

In this article's Elloparley, I asked Mary:

Who does the world see you as & what do you do as you?

"I've gone through many different lives. I've had three wonderful careers. As anyone—I change—I adapt. I was a beautiful, young lady trying to be the actress-singer out in LA. People saw me as a lady, not just a woman. Impeccable manners. They either liked what I had to say or didn’t, and that's okay.

You can't please everyone. But I was honest. I was a lady. Properly, brought up with manners and they could see that. And I was very active; I was active in theater on stage. And, when it got to the point where I couldn't remember lines anymore, I got backstage. I spent 50 years in the theater, in this area.

They see me in a lot of different lights, because a lot of different lights are what I am. There's the artistic side of me. I was even in sales for most of my life. I'm into that. You know, I had the business side. I'm also a creative person. Whoever meets me under whatever circumstances, sees me in a different light, so I cannot categorize. …Except that I hope that they all see me as a well-brought-up lady."

Who do you see yourself as & what would you like to be doing?