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Morgan Jones x Elloparley

Amazing people are everywhere. Many of us believe you must be naturally talented to become successful, and assume that, if you weren’t born with it, then you were never meant to do it, but that is a fallacy; you can be as talented as the sun, but never shine a day in your life—simply because you haven’t put in the effort.

Angela Duckworth’s equation “(talent x effort) = skill and (skill x effort) = achievement” paired with her famous words: “Without effort, your skill is nothing more than what you could have done but didn’t,” is a perfect parallel point in this world of so many talented contenders.

Ms.Morgan Jones honored us by allowing me to eloquently parley with her at her first ever (and hopefully not last) 2-day makeup class, Made by Morgan’s Makeup Basics 101.

We conversed right before the event’s start, as she was getting her hair polished up by another amazing (hair) artist at the occasion, and, although Morgan may have expressed that she was anxious (who wouldn’t be?), you would never be able to tell. She looked stunning, cool as a cucumber, and ready to express to the world the essence of Morgan Jones.

I asked her:

Who does the world see you as & what do you do as you?

“I feel like the world views me as somebody who is very business-oriented, professional, about her money, a sweetheart, and the life of the party.

And then what do I do as me? I just make sure that I wake up every day and just give the best me—no matter if that's being a good friend, or in my business, or in my family. I just do me.”

Who do you see yourself as & what would you like to be doing?