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Have you ever considered the power in referring to deep-toned human beings as “black”?

There is much beauty in “black” but sometimes that word can feel “bleak." There is a significant quantity of negative connotations that come with the term which becomes obvious to a child far before that child even becomes aware of how the world chooses to see them; and, while it may be a subtle one, it is indeed time for a change in the way we consider ourselves as melanin-rich individuals.

Whether you are that child, were that child, have that child, or even simply know that child, Dear Little Brown Baby offers words of advocacy for every shade and age of brown our elaborate world has to offer.

This book grants:
✔ Advocacy
✔ Positivity
✔ Love
✔ Validation
✔ Perspective
✔ Pride
✔ Understanding
& so much more!

This book is:
✔ Easy to digest
✔ Vibrant
✔ For ALL ages
✔ Boasts entirely AI-generated illustrations
✔ Poetic
✔ The ideal gift


  • AI-generated artwork
  • Brilliant and bold motley illustrations
  • Print length - 31 pages
  • Language - English
  • Publication date - October 28, 2022
  • Dimensions - 8.25 x 0.08 x 8.25 inches
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